Johnny Depp. Robert Downey Jr. Jude Law.
Paul Bettany. Leonardo DiCaprio. Gerard Butler. Peter Sarsgaard.
Because every take ends with these actors.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Law & Order

The charmer. The actor. The dashing Englishman who has stolen female hearts everywhere. The man who has made men think he's amazing.
Jude Law is fashionable, talented, and altogether entertaining. Whether it be him gracing the pages of tabloids or charming women in romances or even kicking enemies every which way Jude Law has astounded us. He is brilliant and this year we will be getting some more of him in theaters. Also we can feast our need for extreme talent when we get to watch him in Sherlock Holmes when it comes out on DVD. (surprisingly Warner has slated its release for March 31st! All the better for us!)
We all need some Jude Law. After all what is entertainment without a little Law?